An Explanation of VortexHealing® and its Divine Source

Everything in existence is a manifestation arising from the vast, eternal, unfathomable source of all.
Attempts to name the source are inadequate, because what we are trying to name is complete mystery.
In the VortexHealing® lineage the expression used to define the source of all is, The Divine.

The Divine has many qualities & expressions. Qualities that include but are not limited by its ability to create & transform.
Divine Mystery is manifesting its potential in each & every moment and in each and every thing, all the time.

Albert Einstein wrote
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though, nothing is a miracle.
The other is, as though everything is a miracle.”

Einstein recognized that miracles are constant & perpetual. They surround us, they manifest within us & through us.
Miracles arise from The Divine expressing itself in an eternal magic show.
This is the magic that we appreciated, were fascinated by & believed in as a child.
VortexHealing was created by an expression of Divinity that personifies the quality of transformational magic.
And so the name that has evolved & is associated with the creation & source of the VortexHealing lineage is Merlin.


What is VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing ?
It's an advanced healing lineage created & continually being devloped by the Divine, solely for the purpose of healing.
A trained practitioner is enabled to channel divine energy directly from the source of the lineage for therapeutic purposes.

What can it do for me ?
The origin of human ailments arising in the mind & body are generally caused by distortions, weakness & conditioning found in the energetic, emotional or genetic systems. Symptoms are signs of a deeper underlying cause.
VortexHealing is a safe, non intrusive & effective method for healing the weakness & conditioning causing the symptoms.

How does it work ?
A cell phone works but its a mystery to most of us how it works. We just accept that it does. We intend to call someone, dial a number & a signal is sent that connects us with the person we want to talk to. After the Vortex foundational training a VortexHealer is enabled & by intention can connect to the Divine source of the lineage.
Pure Divine energies with consciousness can then be channeled into the receiver.

What happens during a session ?
VortexHealing works equally well at a distance or in person. No physical contact is necessary. You will be sitting or lying down in a comfortable relaxed environment where you won't be disturbed for the duration of the session.
The best way to receive is with eyes closed & to let go of expectations
Usually the receiver experiences a state of deep relaxation & peace
A session lasts 45 to 50 minutes.

Do I have to give up on any other treatments or medications I'm engaged with ?
Not at all.
VortexHealing plays very well with other modalities & will enhance, not interfere with them

How many sessions will be required ?
Everyone & every condition being treated is unique. The number of sessions required depends on many factors.
The presenting symptoms can have a network of causes at the root of the problem. Very often we discover that an emotional or physical issue is not a creation from this lifetime but that it exists in our system because of the DNA we inherited from our ancestors. A viral infection can often, but not always be eliminated in one session. Lyme disease, a more complex viral/bacterial infection would take longer.

What can I expect from our first meeting ?

Our first meeting requires time to discuss your health history & current specific needs. For distance healings this takes place via Zoom. In person sessions this takes place in the purpose built studio adjacent to my home in Minneapolis.
This collaboration between yourself & I determines the next step in your healing process. I suggest that you allow 90 minutes for the first consultation & healing. Subsequent sessions I suggest that you allow 75 minutes for both catching up on developments, feedback and a healing.

How do I schedule a consultation & make an appointment ?
Use the contact page on this website & send me an email or call me directly.
After a discussion on how VortexHealing will help you an intake form will be sent to you to fill out and return with a mutually agreed day and time arranged for your first session.
There are a choice of payment options with reduced rates for buying multiple sessions.
An invoice is sent out and payment normally needs to be received before the healing takes place.
See the information on the Healings page of this website.