Foundational Training (5 Days)

No prerequisite required

You undergo an intense light acceleration, which evolves your energy system and enables you to receive the Vortex Wheel (by transmission).
With the Vortex Wheel you will be able to:

In addition to the general karmic acceleration and healing effects of receiving the transmission, you will receive a lot of direct healing work, both from other students and in exercises for self-healing.

How to register for VortexHealing® Foundational Training online with Lorraine Goldbloom

VortexHealing® online class policy requires students to take online classes with the teachers in their physical jurisdiction or with whom they have taken mainline classes with. Lorraine’s teaching areas include: USA East Coast, Minnesota (and surrounding areas), and Toronto. 
Once classes resume in person, students may register with any teacher they wish.

To register for a class, please email and include the following information:
1. Your full name
2. The class you’d like to register for
3. Your complete physical mailing address (street, state, zip, country)

Foundational Training with Lorraine Goldbloom


Foundational Training (5 days) • Open for registration through the NY Open Center
No prerequisite required

April 30 to May 4, 2021 -  Online - Hosted by the New York Open Center
Fees applied by The New York Open Center


Foundational Training (5 days)
No prerequisite required

July 9 - 13, 2021- Online - (Early Bird price open until June 9th)
Deposit: $300 | Early Price: $655 | Regular Price: $705 | Repeaters Early: $491.25 | Repeaters Regular: $528.75


Foundational Training (5 days) NB : This class is scheduled to be in person
No prerequisite required

October 8 - 12, 2021 - New York - (Early Bird price open until Sept 8)
Deposit: $300 | Early Price: $655 | Regular Price: $705 | Repeaters Early: $491.25 | Repeaters Regular: $528.75

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